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Laparoscopy Products

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Laparoscopic Trocar Reducer

Plastic Trocar Reducer

Plastic Trocar Reducer used in laparoscopic surgery. It is made in high grade material. Laparoscopic Trocar Reducer used with Trocars to adjust size of the Port. Doctor can reduce cost of the instruments by using reducer.

Advanced Features:

 Smooth Surface

- Durable& re-useable

- ergonomic design

Electrosurgical Unit 400W Advin Electro

ElectrosurgicalUnit- Advin Electro+

It s our immense pleasure to introduce globally most variable Ultramodern Advin Electro + (Electro Surgical Unit 400 W), Which is with lucrative feature and performance, never before available in a single Generator.

Electro Surgical Unit 400W (Advin Electro +) is a machine used for cutting and coagulation in various surgical applications, very effective and smoothly. The isolated bipolar output, which has anon-sparking characteristic, is ideal for microsurgery, Neuro Surgery, Laparoscopy and other applications.

Electro Diathermy with standard Monopolar and Bipolar outputs and other most advanced functions. Electrosurgical Unit also known as Electro Surgical diathermy machine, Electrosurgery Unit, electrocautery, electrosurgical unit, surgical cautery system, Electro Surgical Cautery Unit, Electro Diathermy Unit.

Advanced Features:

-High Efficient Cutting and Coagulation

-Monopolar& Bipolar output

-Max output 400 watts

-Body Protected and cardiac protected design.

-Patient Plate Alarm Systems

-Accurate Results

-Safe and Very Effective

-Simultaneous coagulation facility in Monopolar

-Digital volume control and audible & visual alarm

-99User settable profiles stores all user preferences

-Best spark gap generators and with minimum cutting effect

-Single touch switch over from one mode to another mode

-Works on Generator, Inverter & UPS


-Genecology/ Urology (TURP / TUVP) / Vaginal Hysterectomy / Gastrology / Laparoscopy

-Orthopedic/ Neurology / Spine / Arthroscopy

-Plastic Surgery



-Liver Surgery

-Bariatric Surgery / Thoracic

-All other General Surgical procedure.

Standard Accessories in SET:

-Electrosurgical Generator (01)

-Silicon Patient Plate with Cable (Autoclavable) (01)

-Monopolar Double Pedal Foot Switch (01)

-Bipolar Single Pedal Footswitch (01)

-Set of Electrodes with Chuk Handle (01)

-Bipolar Forceps with Cable (01)

-Disposable Pencil (01)

-Power Cord (01)

5 MM Laparoscope

We, Advin Provides Laparoscope with international quality Standards..

Laparoscope for diagnostic use or minimal invasive surgical procedure.

Laparoscope is used in abdominal and pelvic cavities surgery procedure

Laparoscope is full HD vision in laparoscopy surgery

Laparoscopic Telescope is also known as 10mm Laparoscope, 10mm 30Deg Telescope, Autoclavable Laparoscope Endoscope, 5mm Laparoscope, Endoscope Laparoscope, 5mm Telescope, 5mm 30Deg Laparoscope, Autoclavable Laparoscope, Laparoscopy Equipment, Laparoscopic Hand Instruments.

Advanced Features:

  • Autoclavable & Reuseble
  • Rigid Laparoscope
  • Full HD Vision
  • Wild Angled Vision

10mm Laparoscope

We, Advin Provides 10mm Laparoscope with international quality Standards.

Advanced Features:

  • Autoclavable & Reuseble
  • Rigid Laparoscope
  • Full HD Vision
  • Wild Angled Vision

Laparoscopic Sterilization Container

We, Advin Provides Laparoscopic sterilization Container with international quality standards.

Advanced Features:

  • Autoclavable & Reuseble
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Made in High grade material
  • Safe to laparoscope

Laparoscope Holder / Laparoscopic Camera Holder

Advin Health Care provides Laparoscope Holder with international quality standards. Laparoscope Holder is a reusable mechanical device to hold the laparoscope during the procedure.

Advanced Features:

  • Holds 5 MM / 10 MM Laparoscope
  • it is particularly beneficial for gastric & abdominal surgery.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Easy set-up, simple to use
  • Easy of cleaning & sterilization

Metal Trocar Reducer

Laparoscopic Trocar Reducer used with Trocars to adjust size of the Port. Doctor can reduce cost of the instruments by using reducer.

Advanced Features:

  • Smooth Surface
  • Durable & reusable Autoclavable
  • ergonomic design

Co2 Insufflator Tubing

This soft, flexible tubing is odorless, tasteless, and inert and is suitable for Oxygen & CO2 applications. It is made of silicone rubber which is nonreactive, flexible, and resistant to high temperatures.

Advanced Features:

  • Made of Silicone Rubber
  • Nonreactive
  • Flexible & Resistant

Y Connector

Y Connector is also known as Oxygen Tubing Connector.

Advanced Features:

  • Y shaped Dual Access Connector
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Autoclavable