Urology Equipments

There is a wide range of Urology Equipments offered by us that is used by the urology department around the world. The offered Xenon light source is an extremely dedicated kind of gas release lamp, an electronic light that yields light by fleeting electricity through ionized xenon air at high weight. The sources offer very high intensity in the UV and are useful for absorbance, fluorescence or reflectance measurements. The Urology Equipments are very effective and made for medical uses as per the need. 
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C Arm Machine

Price: 1-10000 USD ($)/Unit

ADVIN X-ray & Radiological equipments are Introducing Mobile C-arm system HF Series. This highfrequency inverter based X-ray system gives the excellent image quality.

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ESWL Lithotripsy Machine

Price: 1-10000 USD ($)/Unit

Advin ESWL is a highly effective, budget frendly, robust & eshetic system designed for the best performance in ESWL operation.

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ADVIN Litho+

Price: 1-10000 USD ($)/Unit

Advin Litho+ world First Advanced Machine having facility to count Stock during Procedure and display it.

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Advin Lithotripter Digital

Price: 1-10000 USD ($)/Unit

Advin Lithotripter Digital is the intra corporeal Pneumatic lithotripter having superior technology. It is a most reliable device, found to be very safe and users friendly for fragmenting stones in the kidney, ureter and urinary bladder. It Known as Intracorporeal Lithotripter, Intracorporeal Pneumatic Lithotripter, Pneumatic Lithotripter Machine, Digital Pneumatic Lithotripter and Stone Breaker Pneumatic Lithotripter.

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Advin Uro Irrigation Pump

Price: 1-10000 USD ($)/Unit

Advin Health Care Manufacturer Irrigation Pump during Endoscopic procedures. Advin Irrigation Pump use in urology Surgery, Arhtroscopy, & laparoscopy ETC. The irrigation pump is designed according to the clinical experiment and is suitable for hysteroscope and urological surgery system. The intelligent self-diagnosis function can directly connect the infusion tube of the pressure sensor to the equipment, convenient and quick.

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Bladder Scanner

Price: 1-10000 USD ($)/Unit

With our consistent focus on globally hit trend, we proudly introduce a wide assortment of Palm Bladder Scanner which is used to measure the bladder volume in bladder.

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Halogen Light Source

Price: 1-10000 USD ($)/Unit

ADVIN Halogen Light Source features filament structure, stability, and high color temperature. These are the best options available for many measurements and illumination applications.

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Xenon Light Source

Price: 1-10000 USD ($)/Unit

Advin Xenon Light Source is a high intensity xenon light source for all applications with fibre-optic illuminition. The light intensity makes the light source usable for almost all-endoscopic discipline.

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LED Light Source

Price: 1-10000 USD ($)/Unit

We, Advin manufacturer LED endoscopy light source with international quality standards

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Advin PC Based Uroflowmetry System

Price: 1-10000 USD ($)/Unit

Advin PC Based Uroflow is an advance version of Uroflowmetry Systems designed to monitor the urinary volume and flow rate. Flow transducer is directly connected with PC (Computer / Laptop) through USB port and report will be store in PC.

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Advin Weight Based Uroflowmetry System

Price: 1-10000 USD ($)/Unit

Uroflowmetry Systems measure of the quantity of Urine excreted in a specified period of time which is also called as Urine flow rate. Continuous recording of urine flow by means of a device consisting of a cylinder placed on a transducer that weighs the urine entering thecylinder during voiding and plots the flow rate on a time scale.

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Wireless Uroflowmetry System

Price: 1-10000 USD ($)/Unit

Advin Wireless Uroflow is an advance version of Uroflowmetry Systems designed to monitor the urinary volume and flow rate.

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ADVIN Urodynamic System

Price: 1-10000 USD ($)/Unit

ADVIN URODYNAMIC System is highly advanced compact Urodynamic System provide complete solution for Urodynamic Testing

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Fiber Optic Cable

Price: 1-10000 USD ($)/Piece

We Advin manufacture and supply wide range of Medical optical cables for medical & surgical applications We also manufacture fiber optic Cable use in urology, Laparoscopy, Etc. It is compatible With Karl Storz And R. wolf.


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