Urology Guide Wire

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Nitinol Guide Wire

Gaining aecess and navigating tortuos urinary track are the primary functions of ureteral guide wires. The nitinol guidewire is designed to optimize both dunctions.

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Zebra Hydrophilic Guide Wire

Zebra Hydrophilic Guide wire are used for negotiating tract during the surgical procedure.

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Amplatz Guide Wire

Amplatz Guide Wire Also Known As Super stiff Guide Wire, Lunderquist Guide Wire.

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Zebra Guide Wire

Nitinol / Hydrophilic wire with striped jacket designed to provide excellent visualization feedback and handling.

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Hydrophilic Guide Wire

Hydrophilic guide wire provides an optimum level of lubricity to cross the most difficult lesion and facilitates successful cilincal outcomes in the most challenging procedures.

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PTFE Guide Wire

Price: 1-10000 USD ($)/Piece

PTFE Guide Wire are kink resistive with or without PTFE coating, galvanized stainless steel and having fixed core


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